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It’s time you turned that dream vacation in a remote island with timeless beauty, tranquility and diversity into a reality. Seychelles is made up of 115 islands which are clustered in the Indian Ocean about 5 degrees south of the Equator off the eastern coast of Africa.

The best way of turning that long awaited dream into reality is by setting your sights on Seychelles. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve already been to this destination or not. For those who are yet to land on this paradise, chances are you’ve already caught sight of the scenery here: swaying palms, giant boulders, humongous tortoises, colorful birds, and endless white beaches.

The largest and busiest Island in Seychelles is known as Mahé and is also home to the capital Victoria. This island has scheduled bays which can only be accessed by foot, motorboat, or yacht. You can’t leave this Island without heading to the famed Anse Intendance beach.

Seychelles is known to be among the best beaches in the world, best luxurious honeymoon destinations, and the most relaxing beaches. The second largest Island-Praslin, features the Vallee de Mai National Reserve where visitors spend time exploring wildlife. Nothing gets better that the bountiful marine life, colorful coral reefs, and the white sandy beaches in these Islands.

For travelers who love adventure, taking a flying boat to remote islands like Bird Island or Fregate Island would be a good option. Here you’ll enjoy scheduled beaches by yourself as you explore the natural beauty and wildlife. Most of the Islands don’t have people thus making it possible for the thriving of rare plant life. You snorkeling or scuba diving experience on this Indian Ocean archipelago will remain a major part of your memories.

Most of the people living in the Seychelles are from Asian, African, and European origins. This means there is much to explore in terms of the traditions, culture, and customs of these people. The world here is not like any other. My good friend comes has a towing company in Arizona. He loves to come here once a year to experience this place. Other activities to enjoy here include trekking, horse riding, souvenir shopping, snorkeling, diving, wining and dining, sailing, bird watching, car and bicycle riding, fishing and more. This paradise is a seductive destination.


Turks and Caicos comprises of a network of forty islands and cays and is one of the destinations that records more tourist activity throughout the year. The place ranks among the best beaches in the world, best honeymoon destinations, and best places to visit in the Caribbean.

These islands are known for their unspoiled beauty and coral reefs. Over the years, Turks and Caicos have remained to be an exclusive and scheduled getaway. Those who regularly spend their vacation in the skinny strips of white sand in these islands will confirm to you that there is no other way to relax. The Turks and Caicos National Museum has much to offer in terms of the rich history and culture of the region. You can begin your day by exploring one of the world’s largest reef systems or go diving at the tiny, flat Salt Cay.

The official language at the Islands is English while the official currency is the U.S dollar though Turks and Caicos is considered a British territory. Another important thing to note is that the islands don’t have public transportation.

The Hurricane and Rainy Seasons

Turks and Caicos Islands experience the wettest season in summer. Although the hurricane season in the Caribbean region runs between June and November Turks and Caicos Islands are usually not hit by large hurricanes because of the mountains in the Dominican Republic and Haiti which dampen the impact. It is important to take out travel insurance when travelling to the Islands during the hurricane season.

The best time to go for vacation or rather visit Turks and Caicos is between the months of April and May. At this time, you’ll enjoy lower prices and encounter less crowds at hotels and attractions. The peak season begins in December and ends in March just like other Caribbean Islands. The rates in hotels usually increase during the high season. Many travelers are attracted by the Caribbean weather between December and March as they escape the cold.